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The Wooly Pub

Guelph's Great Meeting Place!

A local pub, a ‘public house’, is a meeting place and a home away from home for many people. Institutions like these were originally found during ancient times in the form of roadside inns.

In fact, "innkeeping” is considered one of the world’s oldest professions! When archaeologists uncovered the city of Pompeii, they discovered whole streets of cafés and wine bars. Providing the public with food and drink has had a long and storied past… and why not? As Doctor Johnson once said; "There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man, by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern or inn.” It wasn’t long before the inns and cafés of antiquity became the pubs of Northern Europe, especially in Germany and the British Isles. In most towns these establishments became a hub of activity and often the focal point of the community. It was a place where everybody knew your name and sincerely cared about what was going on in your life. Serving good food and healthy beverages, in moderation, of course, pubs became part of many people’s daily regimen.

We started by creating a Canadian version of the pub phenomenon. Borrowing heavily from our European roots, we have created an ambiance that is both welcoming and homey. The food is simple and hearty with good old ‘pub fare ’as well as many indigenous delights. The Woolwich Arrow was Guelph’s first ‘gastro pub’ when it opened in 1990.It is often referred to as "Guelph’s Great Meeting Place”!

Our beverage selection includes all your favourites while we feature local-brews and wines. We were the first pub chain to fully champion the small craft brewers of Ontario.

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Borealis Grille & Bar

In 2008 NGC opened its first Borealis restaurant in Guelph. In March of 2011 NGC opened the second Borealis restaurant in Kitchener. Located in a 120 year old beautifully restored schoolhouse, the restaurant has received rave reviews for its food, service and unique decor.

Both Borealis restaurants are community friendly gathering places – "by neighbours, for neighbours” – featuring "The Taste of Ontario…at everyday prices”.

The emphasis is on healthier prepared foods that are naturally raised and where possible, certified organic products are featured. There is a diverse menu featuring the best of local and seasonal foods with weekly features, along with steaks, gourmet burgers, prime rib, flat breads and pasta. Our seafood is Ocean Wise or Eco Certified.

The interior designs are inspired by local artwork, materials and each room delivers a warm inviting atmosphere. Borealis promises to deliver outstanding service from its highly trained team members.

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Miijidaa café + bistro

What is Miijidaa?

The word ‘Miijidaa’ is from the Ojibway language. It literally means “let’s eat.” We thought there couldn’t be a better word for a restaurant. (Still can’t!) For us it’s an inspiration to celebrate the cuisines and foods around us. A chance to show off our northern bounty. 

What are we doing?

There are many influences in what has come to define Canadian cuisine. Starting with the First Nations, followed by the influences of the French, English, there are many ideas and traditions that have motivated us to create something special. In a way, we’ve gone ‘back to the future’ – our menu is a very modern take on, and mélange of, our northern gastronomic history. We’ve even given a nod to the Vikings and the Portuguese who visited our shores before the early explorers. And, to be clear, we consider no cuisine superior to the other… each is equally inspirational.

For us, renowned Aboriginal Canadian artist Norval Morrisseau best articulates the spirit of Miijidaa:

“My art speaks and will continue to speak transcending barriers of nationality, of language and of other forces that may be divisive.”

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Park Grocery deli & bar

Park Grocery Deli & Bar, Guelph's newest restaurant creation is a neighbourhood deli, bar and small grocery offering Applewood smoked chicken, smoked meat sandwiches, salads and soups all made from scratch, the way they used to be.

The bar offers a quaint but beautiful selection of local beers, ciders and wines and is home to a barista driven cafe program showcasing organic fair-trade coffee & teas alongside artisan sodas and milkshakes.

 With an eye to a sustainable future, Park Grocery will be Carbon Neutral through the purchase of carbon offsets. 

In addition, Park Grocery will support a Living Wage and offer Health Benefits to all full-time employees. When you consider that this very location has been serving authentic, great tasting meals since 1890, it’s no surprise that this newest iteration of the past is so forward thinking.

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