Environment Matters

Our Sustainable Philosophy

 family suzuki smThe Neighbourhood Group of Companies has always believed in serving local products as part of our quest to operate sustainably.

"Our goal is to operate the facility in an environmentally sensitive fashion. We strive to continually search for ways to improve. We hope to eventually recycle and compost most of our waste. In the end, our ultimate goal is to achieve a zero carbon "footprint,” says founder Bob Desautels

The NGC Corporate offices and The Woolwich Arrow are being powered by Bullfrog Power, meaning they use 100% Green Electricity.

In addition, The Woolwich Arrow and Borealis Kitchener now feature Thermal Solar Panels for hot water to reduce our carbon foot-print. We serve only sustainably harvested seafood and are Ocean Wise and Eco Certified. Our staff uniforms are manufactured by Me to We and are made from organic cotton and bamboo. Even NGC company vehicles are from Ontario assembly plants.