New Executive Team at Neighbourhood Group of Companies

December 22, 2016

 In November, 2016 The Neighbourhood Group of Companies (NGC), the parent company of Guelph’s ground breaking Woolwich Arrow Pub, Borealis Grille & Bar and Miijidaa café + bistro along with Kitchener’s Borealis Grille & Bar, is pleased to announce a new Executive Team. The group of restaurants are national leaders in the sales of locally crafted foods and beverages which resulted in outgoing President, Bob Desautels, being named ‘Restaurateur of the Year’ by the prestigious Ontario Hostelry Institute in 2013. The Company is also at the vanguard of sustainability for which it won the ‘Green Leadership’ award from Canada’s Foodservice & Hospitality Magazine. The Grand River Conservation Authority recently honoured NGC with its Watershed Award. Despite all the recognition and accolades, “the crowning achievement for our company was it receiving B Corp Certification this past spring,” said Bob Desautels. “The rigorous process for qualification requires a company to focus on its staff, the community and the physical environment rather than solely chasing profits.” NGC is now the largest restaurant group in the world to have achieved B Corp certification. “B Corps are the wave of the future,” says Desautels.

 “Together these folks present a formidable crew. For a company that has almost $10 million sales and employs over 150 staff members it’s time for a young team to take us forward in this dynamic industry,” concludes Bob Desautels.

Court Desautels, President


The new Executive Team will be headed by Court Desautels. Court has extensive restaurant experience in Canada and Australia. He joined his father, and local operator and investor Aldo Mauro, in launching the Borealis concept in 2008.



Neil Robinson


New to the team is Neil Robinson, formerly of the Charcoal Group (where he was GM of their flagship Charcoal Steak House) and Oliver Bonacini, who takes on the role of COO and Vice President. 



Shea Robinson


Well known Chef Shea Robinson, formerly at WildCraft and Waterloo’s Oliver Bonacini Restaurant, will be the company’s Executive Chef. 



Louise McMullen

Rounding out the team is Louise McMullen, a 23 year veteran of NGC, who will be the Chief Administrative Officer. Prior to joining NGC Louise had extensive experience in desktop publishing, data collection and training programs.



For more information about The Neighbourhood Group of Companies or any of their restaurants, please contact;

Bob or Court Desautels: 

P: 519-836-3948