When you ask Bob Desautels how important it is to educate children about the environment, he’ll use one word to describe it: critical.

He doesn’t use this word lightly and his actions speak loudly to reinforce that with a $75,000 commitment to the new Guelph Lake Nature Centre Complex on behalf of the Woolwich Arrow Pub, Borealis Restaurants in Guelph and Kitchener, and Miijidaa Café + Bistro.

"We believe this is an investment for the future,” said Desautels. "Educating children about the environment is absolutely critical.”

He is adamant that it is the children, our next generation, who will continue the work of changing our treatment of the natural world and help create a sustainable future if they’re given the right tools to start with.

The new Guelph Lake Nature Centre Complex, being developed by the Grand River Conservation Authority, overlooking Guelph Lake, will be much more than just a new building. The new centre has incorporated significant changes to the surrounding landscape into the design. Nature trails will stretch out from the building itself, taking students and visitors on educational journeys through the adjacent forest. Natural features surrounding the facility will be designed to ensure students get the most out of their outdoor experience.

"The moment visitors arrive at the new Complex, we want them to feel a deep connection to nature,” says Dave Bennett, Director of Operations with the GRCA. "We want this facility to be a place where students experience nature and return with their families to teach them what they learned.”

This contribution to the Grand River Conservation Foundation, the GRCA’s charitable foundation, joins others made toward the Centre by donors including Ken and Marilyn Murray, Bill and Mimi Hamilton, Ann Guthrie, and Terra View Homes.

If you are interested in learning more about the new Guelph Lake Nature Centre Complex, or would like to learn about how you can support the development of this new facility, contact Sara Wilbur, Executive Director with the Grand River Conservation Foundation at swilbur@grandriver.ca or at 519-621-2763 Ext. 2271. More details are available atwww.grcf.ca.